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    I'll be honest, I've never been the kind of knitter who finishes a project completely before casting on the next. For me, it's like getting to the final chapter of a good book, then realizing I don't have another book to read when this one is done! I get near the end of the project, the panic begins to rise and I start glancing nervously at my laptop.
   In desperation, I turn to Ravelry. Although I know in my heart the result of an evening perusing Ravelry could realistically end with my queue growing by 15 new projects, I can't help myself. Could it be I lack self control?  Sometimes, I fear becoming The Sorcerer's Apprentice with knitting needles!  . . . But then I laugh to myself and keep clicking, "Add to queue."
    I can't disclose how many projects I have on the needles right now (it may or may not be 6). I can only confess my obsession - I must knit. I get as anxious as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs if I'm forced to sit with empty hands. It's so bad, that it makes people around me anxious! To calm their own nerves, they hand me knitting. . .anyone's knitting. 
   We recently started a forum "Wool Cabin Fever" on Ravelry. I'd love to hear about what kind of knitter you are. Are you a monogamist knitter? Or do you have a few projects in process? You can join us on Ravelry under "Forums" then type "Wool Cabin Fever" in the search box. Or click on the link here. I hope you'll join the conversation! 

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