Knitting in Estonia

I'd love to take you with me as I travel through the beautiful countryside of Estonia. You don't need to buy a ticket, or board a flight! You can enjoy the trip without leaving your living room.

Beginning July 10th, you can follow along as I travel to remote locations throughout Estonia, to learn traditional knitting from the masters. Follow along as we travel from Tallin to the ancient city of Viljandi, and the island of Kihnu. Then it's off to Haapsalu, where we'll see examples of the legendary Haapsalu Wedding Shawl. The Haapsalu shawl is knit in such fine lace it can be pulled through a wedding ring! 

During the trip, you'll have the opportunity to see and reserve some of the local yarn I'll be bringing back to The Wool Cabin.

In August, we'll have a party to show and tell some of the beautiful arts and crafts of Estonia (and of course, there will be yarn). Stop by the Wool Cabin from July 10th to the 31st, to pick up your invitation to the August party. 

Watch the Newsletters for all the travel news!

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