Our Teachers

Lisa Sewell

Lisa has been teaching knitting classes for over 25 years. She took a break to get her professional career on track and now she’s back to doing one of her favorite things – sharing her love of all things knitting! Whether you are new to the craft, just starting to explore the knitting world, or a seasoned knitter, she can get you to that next level. Lisa’s emphasis is on technique and mastery of the art of knitting. She builds confident and self-sufficient knitters.

Miriam Felton

 Miriam Felton began knitting as a teenager, as a natural next step from sewing, crochet, and needlepoint. She's been designing and publishing since 2005, including her first book Twist & Knit: A Dozen Patterns for Handspun, Hand-dyed and One-of-a-Kind Yarns. Her current love is combining all crafting and podcasting at YarnStories Podcast.
Miriam's work features textural details and clever techniques, with an emphasis on understanding the internal structure of knitting. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her partner and 2 cats, Ekho & Stormageddon.

Marie Bambo

Marie has been knitting since she was a tiny Canadian - just a short while ago. When we asked what she liked to knit most, she replied, "Yes." We love her logical teaching style and her sense of humor. Marie also designs patterns for her classes. The patterns are straightforward and easy to follow which is classic Marie. She enjoys teaching and is great at simplifying the most complex of knitting techniques.