Fearless Lace Knitting: How to Fix Mistakes
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Fearless Lace Knitting: How to Fix Mistakes

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Experience Level: Intermediate (some lace experience recommended) 

Instructor: Miriam Felton

Saturday from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm / August 18th

Do you dread making a mistake in your lace knitting? Never fear! Even the best lace knitters makes mistake. The key to fearless lace knitting is knowing how to recognize and fix those mistakes. In this class we'll cover how to:

  • fix yarn-overs
  • correct mis-leaning decreases 
  • unknit one stitch at a time
  • rip whole rows without losing stitches
  • drop individual repeats

For each of these techniques, we'll discuss when to us them and how to determine what mistake has been made. 


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