About Us

The Wool Cabin is a local yarn store located in the Millcreek area of Salt Lake City, Utah. We keep the shop filled with a diverse array of colorful fibers and samples that inspire fresh ideas, and an inviting atmosphere for makers of all skill levels. Our philosophy of “knitting friendly” is always first and foremost!

We offer classes, from beginning knitting to complex colorwork and many options in-between. We have open knitting groups, drop-in help available and even a Knit-Along on occasion.



Owning The Wool Cabin has been a long time dream come true for me. To be surrounded by beautiful fibers and to talk with others who love beautiful fibers is my Nirvana. The shop truly is my happy place!  


It takes a village to keep our yarn shop fun and filled with great ideas. As the owner of The Wool Cabin, I am so very grateful to have wonderful people as part of this village. Each person on the team is amazing, talented, and brings their own unique style to the shop.  


I learned to knit at the LYS in Excelsior, Minnesota in 1962, on the beautiful shores of Lake Minnetonka. It has been my PASSION though for about 30 years now. In my Swedish family, knitting was a required skill. The best thing I learned with the kind person at that shop is that ripping out or backing up is part of the process and a mistake will look like a beacon to me.   Shawls becoming so popular has been a great trend for me, but sweaters have always been my mainstay along with socks, mittens, scarfs, hats and now cowls, fingerless gloves/mitts…  The list goes on and on.  In the winter, I almost always have multiple hand knit garments on my person.  With all the new luscious yarns these days, I never become bored.

By joining the staff at the Wool Cabin, I am very excited to share my experience and expertise with all fiber folks - I can crochet too.  I hope I see you at the shop with your conundrums.  They always happen!  Or I'll teach you how to knit!  Knitting goes well with all seasons!  


I have been knitting almost all of my life.  My grandmother knit beautifully. Her knitting was born of necessity.  Buying clothing was just too expensive.  She taught each of her grandchildren to enjoy knitting.

My three adult children are now learning to knit.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that the knitting tradition continues in our family. 


Vivian has been knitting for about 15 years, and has tried everything from socks to lace circular shawls. She loves to knit anything that reminds her of the half a dozen fandoms she’s currently obsessed with. She’s a mother and aspiring writer. 


    My grandmother started teaching me to knit when I was in junior high, and I produced a very sad looking, mostly wedge-shaped scarf. (Or maybe it was a knitted piece of pizza?) Since then, however, I have fallen in love with knitting, and have spent a lot of time practicing and expanding my skills. I love all kinds of knitting, but Christmas stockings are my very favorite thing. 

    There is something magical about a local yarn shop, and I hope to share that magic with everyone who walks through the door.  Working at The Wool Cabin combines two of my favorite things: working with people and being creative. So come on in and spin a yarn with us! Fiber folk make the best friends.