I LOVE knitting Socks!

Hand knit socks

I love knitting them, wearing them and giving them to friends. I have been known to pull a sock out of my bag and knit absolutely anywhere - even in stop and roll traffic. They are portable, practical and fun. Socks are my go-to project for travel. 
But just between us, there are a couple of things I don't like about knitting socks. I do not like the tiny balls of left over sock yarn when the socks are finished. I don't like wasting yarn - even the tiniest bit. I perseverate for much too long over what to do with all those little left-overs.

Solution: knit your socks from the toe up!
When you get to the cuff, start weighing your yarn with a simple kitchen scale. When your remaining yarn weighs 51 gms, bind off with a stretchy bind off. Woooo Hooooo! You will have perfectly matched socks and no left over bits!

But there's one more problem, right? At least for me, the toe-up cast on (the one with "Magic" in the name) resembles a cryptic spell that goes horribly wrong! After several attempts, I admitted defeat. That is, until I tried "The Turkish Cast-on" for toe up socks. This cast on creates a tight, strong, seamless toe and it's EASY! Give it a try! My favorite youtube video for the Turkish Cast on is by Jane Richmond. Here's the link:


You can find two of my favorite toe-up sock patterns on Ravelry. 

Toe up Socks With a Difference, by Wendy D. Johnson

Sockmatician's Toe ups, by Nathan Taylor
Perfect for all the new Fall sock yarn arriving daily!

Happy Knitting,


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