News Flash! Knitting is Therapeutic!

Knitting is Therapeutic! Those of us who knit, KNOW. After a stressful day, when the world wears us down, or spools us up to an unacceptable level of stress, nothing is better than sitting down with our knitting in our laps. Soon, as our hands work, the needles establish a rhythm, and the stress of our day begins to unwind like the yarn into something lovely. It could be a sweater, or a washcloth. It really doesn't matter. The stitches grow row by row, our minds relax, and like water through our fingers, the stress flows from us until we are calm and centered. 

Now, big corporations are discovering what knitters have known forever. Google recently hired the organization "Heart Knit" to guide their employees in a team building exercise. Heart Knit teaches people in high stress jobs to unplug, relax, and get connected to other people through knitting. Even large corporations are realizing the frenetic pace and overstimulation of our current experience is unhealthy.  A 2016 article in the New York Times proclaimed the health benefits of Knitting, including lower blood pressure, and lower levels of stress hormones. News? They might have asked us. We could have told them what we have known for generations. Knitting is good for us.

Maybe that's why knitters are the most centered people I know. Knitters come from a place of peace and calm. They are generous with their time and talents. They keep their sense of humor and optimism in hard times. Whether you learned from a grandmother, mother, friend or YouTube, we all know that knitting connects us to something larger, quieter, and more peaceful. It connects us to each other most of all. I am grateful to be in the company of knitters. I am happy when I have my knitting in my lap.

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