Tallinn, Estonia

Arrived in Tallinn to a bright sunshine filled day. The hotel is in a charming part of the city called, “Old Town.” 

As luck would have it, there’s a Medieval Festival in Tallinn this weekend. Everyone was in costume, except of course me. There were amazing hand crafted items made in Estonia by Estonians. Could it be better? And yes, there was yarn! 

The wool produced in the Baltic States is exquisite, and the linen  comes in a close second. At the market and in all the authentic shops, you’ll find linen woven into beautiful tea towels, table cloths, and garments. In a tiny shop, down a narrow street, there was YARN! There was lovely, lovely, linen yarn.

Yarn is sold by the gram here, much like grapes in the States - maybe an odd analogy, but you get the idea. A skein may be 102 gms and the one next to it may be 98 gms. The price reflects the number of grams in the skein. Here are some of the color combinations I am bringing back. If you are interested in any of these combination packs, please know they are in limited supply. I’ll have them at the post-trip party in August. 

That’s when my jet lagged brain gave out. I fled through the streets to my hotel and fell into a deep sleep.

That’s all for now, happy knitting!


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