The Estonian Trip It begins in Amsterdam!

It’s a lovely day in Amsterdam. But what to do when you only have one day?

1. A canal cruise - It was lovely to glide along the canals getting a great perspective on this beautiful city and it’s people. 

2. Buy wooden shoes? OF COURSE I bought wooden shoes, silly! I can’t wait to wear them to the shop.

3. I got hopelessly lost looking for the yarn shop. I found myself, instead, in the red light district. Note to self, read map more carefully.

4. Consulted the map once again, made another attempt to find the yarn shop. Strike two. It must be the jet lag. I swear I saw the same chocolate shop five times. 

Happily, who should I meet 5,000 miles from home? My brother Daren! So, off we went to dinner at Greetje, a traditional Dutch restaurant. Wow! The food was amazing and so was the company! Thank you, Daren!

It’s the perfect end to a perfect day! Tomorrow morning, it’s off to Tallinn, Estonia! See you there!

Happy knitting!


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