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Welcome to The Wool Cabin! 
With Local Yarn Shop Day approaching, I thought I'd share a few thoughts.

As you know, the Salt Lake City area is a travel destination for people from all over the world. When knitters come to town, they often stop by the shop and we get chatting. Recently, I've been surprised when many visitors tell me the LYS in their area has closed. Now, if they want to touch and see yarn in person, they must drive long distances, or settle for Michael's or JoAnn. I began to wonder if their experience was unique, so I did some research.

The exact numbers are hard to nail down, but t's true. Last year alone, hundreds of local yarn shops in the US closed their doors forever. Statistics from The National Needle Arts Assn. reveal that interest in  fiber arts is increasing. So, why are yarn shops closing? Is it poor management on the part of LYS owners? Is it Amazon? Is it direct sales from On-Line Yarn Vendors? The truth is, it's likely a combination of reasons, but one thing is certain.

Now, more than ever, any small business has a serious challenge competing with On-Line Vendors and Big Box Stores. Local Yarn Shops are no exception. Keeping a Yarn Shop viable takes a lot of dollars and dedication. At a time when you can get anything on-line with just a click, maybe it's time to talk about what you can't get on-line? What exactly does The Wool Cabin do, that On-Line Vendors or big box stores can't? How does supporting us benefit you? In short, what's in it for YOU?

Here are just a few things to consider.

When you support your us, your Local Yarn Shop:

You get an experience. The yarn is right there at your fingertips. You can see the beautiful colors and give it a squeeze. It IS the color you see with your own eyes, not a computer image.
You get help choosing a pattern, with appropriate yarn and needles from one of our knowledgeable team members, who is invested in you and your success! We'll even wind your yarn and give you a second opinion, if that's what you need.

You get classes taught by experienced teachers. You can ask questions in person, instead of in a "chat" box. You get personal attention, because we keep our classes small. You get support for your new skill, even after the class has ended. 

You get a community. You get to meet your friends and knit in a warm - or cool, well-lit, comfy social knitting space. We provide the space to knit, the heat, air-conditioning and treats. The shop even stays open and the staff stay late to give you the opportunity to knit with your friends. 

You get knowledgeable information and advice. We usewhat we sell; we know our products first hand. If you have trouble with something you bought from us, we can help - in person. We work hard to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices.

You get knitting help, in person, from an experienced staff member when you run into a problem with a pattern, or make a mistake in your project. At The Wool Cabin, our staff has over 130 years of combined knitting experience! We look pretty young considering, don't you think?

Finally, you get a warm greeting when you visit our shop. We try to get to know you. We try to remember your name and what you like to knit. It's not a computer software program that prompts ideas in the sidebar. It's people. People who are interested in you. We share your passion for fiber arts. We share your joy when you complete a project, plan the next one, or are expecting a new grandchild. 

It's what we do as your Local Yarn Shop. It's also who we are. 

So we'd like to say, "thank you," for shopping local and supporting our small business. All of us at The Wool Cabin are honored you have chosen us to be your Local Yarn Shop.

Happy knitting,


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  • Anita Elliott on

    Thanks for the delightful visit this afternoon, Kayelynn! It was a pleasure to be in your store and to chat with you about various and sundry things knitting. You have a lovely shop and a very warm and welcoming demeanor!

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